Rex Blackbridge

Rex Blackbridge has spent his life bouncing between two worlds: the steel and concrete jungle of downtown Chicago, and the pristine wilds of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. He has a deep fascination for both environments, and tries to share their magic with his readers. In Rex's tales of gay m/m paranormal romance, the big city and the vast wilderness are equally savage gardens, where humans live largely in ignorance of the monsters in their midst. He loves bringing that duality to his protagonists' relationships as well, pairing up confident, powerful men with shy, nerdy ones, stirring in a dash of danger, and seeing what happens. Usually what happens is pretty steamy. When he's not putting words on the page, Rex enjoys cooking, running, nerding out over nerdy things, and spending quality time with his partner. For an occasional heads up about new releases and special offers, sign up for Rex's newsletter at (copy/paste URL into your browser).

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